Join Tamara Kramer for a private coaching session. TK will be focusing on your performance, technical skills, confidence, body posture, flexibility, and choreography. This can be done as one on one or small group of up to 3. If you would like a larger group session, please contact TK’s management on:

PRICE: £44.99

We will be adhering to COVID-19 regulations and social distancing whilst we learn. Please make sure you wear a mask so we can learn and dance safely together.
Heels Class
Open Toe Heels
The perfect heels that makes you feel like you’re wearing socks but with a heel. These shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear and train in whilst avoiding any injuries. TK: To start your heels training & avoid injuries. Paired with the knee pads, you’re ready to go with a TK heels class.
Knee Pads
Protect your knees from any injuries whilst you’re doing your training with tk floorwork and any exercises to help you avoid aches and pains. One size (suitable for for up to size 14)
Class Video Recording
Get the chance to look back at your work with TK during the session taking the video home, to show your friends and analyse your work or use it for your socials and website.