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Studio 68 London- one of Europe's leading dance studios

Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer opened the doors of Studio 68 London, when she was an aspiring dancer with dreams of creating a place where dancers of all level could train, develop and network. Fast forward 10 years and Studio 68 London has developed into a creative hub offering a range of dance classes, programs, fitness classes and creative services.
Choreographers, performers and entertainers such as Jason Derulo, Lady Gaga, Brian Friedman and Yanis Marshall to name a few, have rehearsed and taught at the studio. The studio has also been booked by businesses and brands including Netflix, BBC, Studio Lambert and more.
Take a virtual tour of our studio. Studio 68 London boasts 2 studio spaces with semi-sprung wooden floors and a range of facilities.
Watch our showreel featuring world renowned choreographers that have taught and rehearsed at Studio 68 London.

In the media

Lady Gaga at Studio 68 London

Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer opened the doors of Studio 68 London for Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga was snapped with white powder all over her hands, neck and face while waving to her fans, leaving Studio 68 London. This account was taken from:

Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer on Dancepreneur TV

Dancepreneur TV, interviewed Tamara ‘TK’Kramer, director of Studio 68 London. Dancepreneur TV is an online TV channel featuring exclusive interviews from dancepreneurs on what it takes to succeed in the dance industry as a dancepreneur. Dancepreneur is sponsored by DanceMode raising awareness and support for DanceAid charity

Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer on The SS-FitFinesse Podcast

Director of Studio 68 London and fitness coach- Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer shares her amazing life story from being an aspiring dancer in Spain, overcoming a major accident that almost left her paralyzed to building a world renowned dance & fitness studio in the heart of London. Watch & listen to Sean Sinclair’s SS-FitFinesse Podcast:

Soundcheck with Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer

Watch Studio 68 London director, Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer’s interview on Deja Vu Entertainment UK’s Soundcheck. Soundcheck is an online interview and talk show for the UK dance scene, that aims to give viewers the scoop from the biggest industry names.