Choreographers Agreement

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What You Should Expect From Studio 68 London:

* Due to Covid 19 we have made changes based on the government guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone.

* Hand sanitiser will be available at exits and entrance. Antibacterial hand-wash will be available in all toilets. We will not be providing masks or gloves.

* LA studio will be used mainly for busy dance classes and activities. NY studio will be used for classes with lower numbers.

* Filters will be changed/cleaned and air will be purified after every class.

* Classes will only be filmed occasionally by our production team for promotion purposes. You as the Choreographer can also request to be filmed by our production team but to a cost of £50.00. The footage will be used during your time in the studio as a Freelance Choreographer and also once you leave the facilities if you no longer teach at the studio.

What Your Payment Options Are:

* Please understand you are a FREELANCE and you are responsible for your taxes, you are not employed by Studio 68 London and we are not responsible for any government requirement for you to complete as a FREELANCER.

* You will decide the price for the dance class you give to your students on a weekly basis.

Please see select your payment option.

* Payment will be paid directly to your bank account once a month (between the 1st and 10th of the following month). Please make sure we have the correct and updated bank details.

* If the class is cancelled due to low numbers, sickness or traveling issues due work abroad, the cancellation fee is £50. A cover teacher is always suggested to have to avoid any issues.

* The team may request for you to have a tutorial in 68TV channel, a payment will be agreed by management for this tutorial before your day on filming.

* If there are empty spaces in the class you can have up to 2 guests as well as studio 68 London Volunteers for free as they work towards the improvement of the business.