Empowering Dance Professionals

Our dance industry has been affected by the pandemic, and we know it is fundamentally broken. Teachers, choreographers, and fitness professionals are struggling because of the cost of accessing space facilities to make a living and expand their brand.

At the moment, there are just two options.Option one: to get a job in an existing facility but lose 90% of your income to your employer. Option two: get 100% of the income but pay 75% to hire a space. These options eat into your profit and your potential to grow. We deserve better, you deserve a better option.This is why I have decided to go back and help the community, to a principle of supporting the new and established professionals, to our motto back in 2010 when we first opened. Let’s join forces, help dance lovers and professional dancers to get back on track.

As the CEO of Studio 68 London, I want to offer teachers and choreographers who want to build their businesses long-term without the headache of paying studio hire. We know that having a class and building up clients in such a competitive city like London can be difficult with the prices of the facilities, especially in central London. I want to team up with new and existing teachers and go back to 2010 to build together. You earn, we earn; you don’t, we don’t either. Let’s split 50/50. We help you to move forward.

Let’s provide classes to dance lovers that can afford to a high standard with classes at £6-£8 and let’s start making our community grow again by doing what we love. Flexible expansion development, innovation, vision, and more importantly, a great way for us to be together to keep moving forward.

Tamara Kramer | Studio 68 London CEO




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