Join Fitness Coach Manny for an 8-week transformation bootcamp.

£ 120 FOR 8 WEEKS


All bookings are taken on our website so you can buy and start your membership at the Studio via our website.
You can train at the Studio for £10 with our pay as you train day pass.
The minimum age to use our facilities is 18 years old. You can join our online fitness classes via 68TV if you are under 18 years old with the permission of an adult.
There will always be someone at the Studio during our fitness hours and they will be happy to help you.
Of course- we would love to meet your friends and you can bring them in with you to workout for just £7.99 a session (this that you can purchase as an extra once you book your training slot) If you friend becomes a member you get a 50% discount for the following month!
Yes you can, as long as other members are ok with you doing it. Please get their permission before capturing them in a shot!

-Static Bicycles
-Skipping Ropes
-Dumbbells (2 kg-20 kg)
-Pull up bars
-Yoga Mats & balls
-Functional Fitness Boxes
-Olympic Bars
-Weight disc (2.5kg, 5 kg, 10kg, 20kg)
-Kettle Bells
-Boxing gloves & pads
-Medicine Balls
-Booty Bands
-E-Z Curl Bars
-Eazy shapers