Landlord - Tamara Kramer and Tenant - Maria Hannelore Takacs


Tamara Kramer, 59 Alder Grove, London, NW2 7DE (hereinafter called "the Landlord) and Maria Hannelore Takacs, 59 Alder Grove, London, NW2 7DE (hereinafter called "the Tenant"


1 year contract starting from 7th May 2024 - 7th May 2025. This contract cannot be terminated anytime during the 6 months. If you want to leave you will need to give 1 months notice.


£1,000 deposit which has already been paid. £1,000 rent will need to be paid on 7th of every month starting from 7th May 2024. The rent price includes all bills and usage of washing machine.


The Tenant agrees with the Landlord to adhere to the following:

* To not request for a refund or cancellation of the contract agreement as the contract cannot be terminated anytime during 6 months, if you want to leave you will need to give 1 months notice after the 6 months period.

* To keep the room is cleaned daily and kept tidy at all times. When this contract ends you will need to ensure that the place is left clean as you found it, failure to do so will result in your deposit being kept.

* Not to break or damage any furniture, carpet, curtains and anything else that is in the room and surrounding areas. If you break or damaged anything the money will be taken out of the deposit to cover this. Damages items will be replaced with the same items and the price for this will be the markets value cost of what has been broken or damaged.

* Once your tenancy has ended, the landlord Tamara Kramer will inspect the room before you leave. If the room is not up to standard (clean with no damages) and as you found it when you moved in, you will lose the deposit.

* To observe quite times from Monday-Friday 12am - 7am and at weekends 1am - 9am. This is so that no disturbance or noise occurs.

* To ensure you don't lose the keys, if you lose the keys during the contract at anytime you will need to pay £50 for the replacement keys. The £50 price for anytime that you lose the keys, i.e if you lose these 2 times you will pay £100 for each time the keys need to be replaced.

* To ensure that once contract is over to leave the premises without causing any issues or spreading any lies on social media or any other platforms. If there are issues these need to be addressed directly with the landlord.