online class agreement for choreographers

This Agreement is between Studio 68 London and

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The Terms and Conditions of this Agreement are below.

What You Should Expect From Studio 68 London:

* This agreement will be signed once you begin the online classes.

* Studio 68 London is responsible for the filming and primary marketing.

* We will be responsible for all admin costs incurred for filming, editing of the videos, online maintenance and overall running of the TV channel.

* This percentage 70% for Studio 68 London and 30% for the Choreographer will begin once the website has launched. The percentage paid will be per class and the total amount will be paid in full without any other deductions. When the website launches there will be an option to keep the percentage (70% Studio 68 London and 30% Choreographer) or at a flat rate depending on the numbers, this will be agreed between Studio 68 London and Choreographer.

* Payment will be paid after the launch of the website and this will be paid on a monthly basis into your bank account.

* Studio 68 London will provide a monthly report through MindBody with information on earns earned during each month.

* All Choreographers featured in the videos will be credited on all platforms and marketing material.

* The Choreographer has no rights to the footage and is not permitted to redistribute. You will not get the footage as this is property of Studio 68 London.

* Studio 68 London may terminate this contract without notice.

What We Expect From You (Choreographer):

* I agree to begin filming a Live class each week .

* I agree to promote and advertise a Live class each week on my socials.

* Once the website is launched I agree to record one class per week which will be part of the Paid videos for the TV channel.

* If I terminate this agreement with Studio 68 London I will need to give 4 weeks notice or provide 4 weeks worth of recorded videos. I will not have any rights to all recorded behind the scenes footage and all videos.

* Studio 68 London is not liable for any tax payments. As a Freelancer it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you make the necessary tax payments.

* It is my responsibility to ensure that I use appropriate music which is not deemed rude in all my Live classes on my social media platforms.

* I will ensure that my appearance and behaviour are suitable for the context I am working in, presenting myself and Studio 68 London in a positive light.

* I understand that I will be given access to confidential and/or proprietary information to the extent necessary in order to perform my duties as an Online Choreographer with Studio 68 London on the network. I shall not, at any time either during or subsequent to this participation with Studio 68 London, make unauthorized disclosures or unauthorized use of any information that is considered to be proprietary or confidential by Studio 68 London.

* Proprietary information includes, but is not limited to, all information, strategy, data, processes, know-how, behind the scene plans, marketing data and confidential information, whether in written, oral or electronic form. Confidential information includes, but is not limited to, any personal information of any Studio 68 London online Choreographer, Employee, Volunteer, Customers and all members of the public, payments or wages whether in written, oral or electronic form.

* I agree to not disclose any confidential information, purposefully or inadvertently (through casual conversation), to any unauthorized person inside or outside Studio 68 London. If I am unsure about the confidential nature of specific information, or whether specific information may be protected under the law, I will ask the Studio 68 London manager for clarification before disclosing the information.

The parties (STUDIO 68 LONDON) and (CHOREOGRAPHER) acknowledge that they have read and understood this Agreement and voluntarily accept the duties and obligations set forth herein.

I, Director, the Recipient at Studio 68 London agrees to the terms stated above.

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