Studio Coordinator Agreement

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Welcome to Studio 68 London, we are pleased that you decided to work with us. This Agreement is between (Studio 68 London) and (Freelancer)

* Your job title is Studio Coordinator for Studio 68 London.

* You will be informed of the working hours, days and payment by Studio 68 London.

* You are subject to a 3 month probationary period.

* This contract shall remain effective for up to 3 months probationary period, beginning on the day when you sign this agreement. Thereafter for a year unless terminated by Studio 68 London.

* You are not entitled to any sick or holiday pay. You must inform the Studio owner of all pending holidays.

* Studio 68 London may terminate this contract without notice.

* As a goodwill gesture Studio 68 London will give you 1 weeks notice prior to termination.

* If you are dismissed all your benefits including free Dance and/or Fitness classes as a guest will be terminated and you will need to pay for all Dance and/or Fitness classes.

* Studio 68 London is not liable for any tax payments. As a Freelancer it is your sole responsibility to ensure that you make the necessary tax payments.

* As a goodwill gesture for working with us you are entitled to Free Dance and/or Fitness classes, which you are entitled to on a daily basis. The classes which are excluded are specialised classes which are Bachata, Salsa and all Gymnastics, Programs, Master classes and/or Special guest Choreographers.