Studio Hire Agreement

hereinafter referred to as The Client, AND: Studio 68 London.

The venue, Studio 68 London, offers a creative multimedia space, functioning as a dance, fitness studio, and a specialized location for artists, production companies, and film companies.
The Client agrees to pay the agreed hire fee. Should The Client require additional services or staffing from Studio 68 London, separate fees will be applied based on the scope and requirements of these additional services. These fees will be communicated to The Client, and approval must be given before any additional services are provided.
The venue must be vacated by the agreed upon time. Any usage beyond the agreed upon hours will result in additional costs charged every hour.
Any expenses for repairs or unusual cleaning costs needed due to damage caused during The Client's use of the venue will be billed directly to The Client.
If the client cancels the booking before or is unable to go ahead with the event as planned, the deposit will be forfeited and no refund will be given but Studio 68 London will try and arrange an alternative date where possible.
While Studio 68 London strives to maintain a safe environment, it assumes no responsibility for any injury, illness, damage, loss or theft incurred to individuals or their personal belongings on the premises. The Client is responsible for any venue or items damages and will cover replacement/repair costs.
The Client is responsible for the conduct of all event attendees, holding Studio 68 London harmless against any damages or liabilities caused by third parties. The Client will indemnify Studio 68 London against any legal claims, costs, and expenses except for those due to Studio 68 London's negligence or misconduct.
The Client must follow all laws and regulations of England during the agreement and event, including health and safety, noise control and fire safety regulations. The Client is also responsible for ensuring that any promotional materials used do not infringe on intellectual property rights. Failure to adhere to all applicable laws could result in agreement termination, fines, or legal repercussions.
This contract constitutes the entire agreement between both parties and supersedes any prior understandings or agreements (whether oral or written) regarding the subject matter.