Tamara Kramer hosting Tony Gaskins at Studio 68 London

I’m beyond excited to host Tony Gaskins, the fantastic life coach on Saturday 20th January 2024. This is a rare opportunity for us, and we’re thrilled to share his wisdom with our community.

I first got to know about Tony when I was trying to bounce back from a bad break-up. Those tough times led me to his motivational talks, which turned out to be a game-changer for me. And now, I’m a life coach as well! I couldn’t be happier to have been inspired by Tony, and even more so, getting the chance to host him.

Tony has a unique ability to help people work on becoming and sustaining their best selves. He has touched so many lives with his guidance and brought about a genuine change. If you’re looking for someone who can inject positivity into your life, Tony is the go-to person.

But before I get into Tony’s magic, let me tell you a bit more about him incase you didn’t know or have been living under a rock.

Tony Gaskins is a renowned life coach, author, and professional speaker from the United States. His energy and ability to connect with people have made him a much-loved figure on stage and beyond.

He has written over a dozen books covering essential topics like building relationships, business success, and personal growth. You might have heard of some of his popular titles, like “The Dream Chaser”, “Mrs Right”, and “Single is Not a Curse”. Tony’s achievements go beyond his books, as his captivating speeches worldwide have motivated countless individuals to transform their lives.

Tony is fantastic at spreading positivity. Listening to him speak, you can feel that he genuinely wants you to succeed and have a happy life. And that’s not all; his intentions are apparent – he wants to help you learn from his experiences and knowledge.

In a way, Tony is more than just a life coach. It’s not just a job for him, it’s a way of life. His purpose is to make a difference in other people’s lives, and that’s something I really admire about him.

Having Tony Gaskins at Studio 68 London is a way for us to support his mission and celebrate the impact his words have had on people all over the world, including me. I can’t wait to learn more and share his insights with our community.

And who knows? Maybe his advice and approach to life will inspire you as well – whether you’re going through a rough patch or want to be the best version of yourself.

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By Tamara Kramer




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