Would you like to teach at Studio 68 london? Our studio could be the perfect environment for your dancers and clients. We're based in central London with great facilities and a professional management team.

Send us a WhatsApp message
+447903 188 552

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What it is required to teach at Studio 68 London and be part of the regular timetable?

  • Good skills and knowledge in the style you want to teach.
  • Experience
  • Good Social Media to show your future students your past work and teaching skills.
  • Commitment, respect and good communication with management.
  • Be over 21 years old
  • Have a public liability insurance for dance teaching in dance studios.

What can help my application to teach at Studio 68 London?

Having good communication skills, professionalism and of course amazing talent!!!

Can I teach a class but not be part of the regular timetable?

Of course you can! We have pop-up classes and programs from national and international teachers. Contact us to rent a studio room, check the prices of the hire, and we will book your slot in- subject to availability.

How much do I get paid for teaching and how does it work?

We offere competitive rates. Once you get selected to teach, management will explain all terms and conditions with you.

How do I apply to teach at Studio 68 London?

Send management a what’s app with a clear message and send your Instagram handle to show your work. Also if you have a YouTube page with videos please send it over too!