Do you want a career in teaching? Get the best training from one of the best studios in Europe.

We are engaging in a great new adventure for our dancers where they can intensively can start learning from our 68 Faculty the best skills and teaching techniques.

Many dancers from all over the world want to teach in our studio but there is a lot our teachers have to meet to get to get to that place:
‘It takes more than just a good Instagram to get a teaching job, you need guidance and expert training, which we provide here at Studio 68!’
Tamara ‘TK’ Kramer
Founder of Studio 68 and dancer/choreographer with over 20 years experience in the industry.

Audition Date & Time:

Saturday 12th January 2019

16:00pm -18:00pm


Only participants who are selected after the audition will be able to participate in the Teaching Program.
Register to audition:
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