The following expressions shall have the following meanings:

Additional Charges means any additional goods or services agreed and provided following the signing of this Events Contract.

Agreed Price means the grand total price set out in the Specific Terms.

Balance of Payment means the Agreed Price less the Standard Deposit paid.

Venue Time means the agreed start and end time in the specific terms of the Events Contract.

Date(s) means the date(s) of the Event.

Event means the use or event defined in the Contract.

Venue Hire Agreement means this agreement, which supersedes any previous agreement between the Parties.

Hirer means the person, company, partnership, society or firm hiring the Venue.

Hirer’s Agent means the agent acting on behalf of the Hirer.

Late Deposit means 100% payment for all Events Contracts signed within 28 days of the Event.

Number of Guests means the minimum number of guests who will be charged.

Overtime means any additional time spent outside agreed Contract Time.

Parties means Venue Management and the Hirer and/or the Hirer’s Agent.

Pro-Rated Per Head means the Agreed Price divided by the Number of Guests, multiplied by the number of extra guests.

Re-Instatement means returning the Venue to its original condition as found.

Set-Up means the time spent arranging the Venue before guests arrive.

Specific Terms means the terms and conditions specific to this Contract defined in paragraph 2.

Standard Deposit means 70% of the Agreed Price as a non-refundable deposit payable within Seven (7) days of signing this Contract.

Standard Terms means the terms and conditions standard to all Events Contracts from paragraphs 3-27.

Venue means the location defined in the Events Contract.

Venue Management means Studio 68 London.


1.The Events Contract must be confirmed in writing and by signing this agreement it is confirmed that you have agreed to enter into this Events Contract. The signed Events Contract must be returned to Venue Management by email.

2.This Events Contract is made between the Parties.

3.When this Events Contract is signed in the name of a company, agency, firm, partnership or society, the person signing represents to Venue Management that s/he has full authority to sign such Events Contract.

4.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent agrees that all individuals present at the Venue on behalf of the Hirer or Hirer’s Agent during the Date(s) will be governed by this Events Contract.

5.In consideration of the payment noted above, Venue Management grants the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent permission to utilise the Venue for the Event as detailed above.

6.The Event will be for the Contract Time as set out in paragraph 2 above, to include all Set-Up and Re-instatement time.


1.By signing this Contract, the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent has agreed to pay a Standard Deposit of fifty percent (50%) which is a non-refundable deposit, and is payable to confirm booking. The Balance of Payment must be paid no later than twenty-eight (28) days prior to the Event. If signing within 28 days of the Event, The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent agrees to pay the Late Deposit, being one hundred percent (100%) of the Agreed Price which will be treated as a non-refundable payment Payments must be in the form of cleared funds and paid by BACS or CHAPS.

2.It is the Hirer and/ or Hirer’s agent responsibility to make sure that the payment is made within the time limit otherwise our accounts system will automatically generate the late payment charge as below:

Payment 1 -7 calendar days overdue: 10% late payment fee applies
Payment 8 -14 calendar days overdue: 15%late payment fee applies.
Payment 15 or over calendar days overdue: 25% late payment fee applies.
3.If the final payment is not received as above, and Venue Management has been unable to process the balance due by deducting payment using the credit card guarantee form, the Event will be deemed to be cancelled. In exceptional circumstances Venue Management may still be prepared to facilitate the Event.

4.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent agrees to pay Venue Management the Agreed Price on signing of this Events Contract. Such payment will not include any Overtime that may be required. Overtime will be charged at £3000.00 per hour prior to midnight and £3500.00 per hour thereafter but excludes staffing costs. All charges will be in 1-hour increments. A fifteen (15) minute grace period may be granted at the discretion of Venue Management, after which Overtime will be charged.

5.Additional charges, additional guests and overtime must be guaranteed with a credit / debit card and will be invoiced prior to the event, payable no later than 72 hours prior to the event date to avoid the card being charged. Any additional charges incurred on the actual date of the event MUST be paid in full by Credit Card at the end of the event and it is the responsibility of the Event Manager representing the client to ensure that a valid card is available.

6.Any other method of payment other than bank transfer will incur an admin charge of 3%


1.If the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent wishes to cancel the Event for any reason, they must contact us via phone +44 7903 188552. Venue Management will confirm upon receipt acceptance of the cancellation. In this case, the non-refundable deposit of Seventy percent (70%) of the Agreed Price shall be forfeited. If the Events Contract is cancelled by the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent for any reason within twenty-eight (28) days of the event, a cancellation fee of one hundred percent (100%) of the Agreed Price will be payable to Venue Management within ten (10) days from the date of such cancellation.

2.Venue Management shall not be liable for failure to perform the party’s obligations if such failure is as a result of Acts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster), war, invasion, act of foreign enemies, hostilities (regardless of whether war is declared), civil war, disease control, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or confiscation, terrorist activities, nationalisation, government sanction, blockage, embargo, labour dispute, strike, lockout or interruption or failure of electricity or telephone service. Venue Management shall be entitled, by providing the maximum practicable notice in writing, to cancel the hire of the premises, if it is Venue Management’s judgement acting reasonably that there is genuine reason to do so. In this event, no refunds or compensations will be due in any way. Venue Management may at their discretion issue an event credit.

Venue Management

1.The Number of Guests as stated in the Specific Terms will be considered the guaranteed minimum and will be charged for. Should the number of guests decrease after confirmation, no refund or credit can be provided. Crew, staff and contractors must be considered in the Number of Guests.

2. Venue Management are able to provide competitive pricing due to a “just in time” purchasing system. Should the final number of guests increase, extra guests will be charged for accordingly on a Pro-Rated basis. which will include Venue Hire Staffing and catering.

Additional Services Requested 4 –10 calendar days before event: 10% last minute order charge.
Additional Services Requested 1 –3 calendar days before event: 20%last minute order charge.
3.All menus, wines and spirits are subject to availability. In the event that the chosen item is not available, Venue Management will endeavour to find a suitable alternative in agreement with the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent.

4.No food or beverage may be brought onto the premises by the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent or its guests for consumption unless prior written consent has been obtained from Venue Management. When consent is given, a sample of the food must be provided by the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent for Health and Safety purposes.

5.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent agrees on the following recommended Event Deadlines given by Venue Management to avoid last minute order charges:

14 calendar days before event start date: Final Guest Numbers, Catering and Allergen and Dietary Information, Event Agenda

2 calendar days before event start date: Signage Requests, Delivery Information, Full Guestlist to include guests, crew, staff and contractors.

6.Venue Management shall not be liable for failure to perform the party’s obligations if deadlines are not met. Venue Management will endeavour to find a suitable alternative in agreement with the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent.


1.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent will be held responsible for any damage or loss caused to the Venue or contents and the orderly conduct of the guests attending the event. They will also be held responsible for any damage or loss caused to the Venue or contents by any outside contractors unless booked by Venue Management. The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent agrees to make good forthwith to the satisfaction of Venue Management, or pay the reasonable cost of making good for such damage or loss to the Venue arising out of the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent’s Event. Venue Management can suggest a suitable insurer if necessary and would strongly recommend that event insurance is procured. Toward that end, Venue Management agrees to notify the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent within ten (10) days from the end of the Event of the Venue of such damage and/or loss. Venue Management will charge a £500.00 administration fee in respect of all claims made, which shall be payable by the by the Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent.

2.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent will supply an original “Certificate of Insurance,” confirming the details of the Hirer’s Public Liability insurance. Such insurance will have minimum personal / public liability coverage of £5,000,000; minimum property damage of £1,000,000. Venue Management can suggest a suitable insurer if necessary and would strongly recommend that event insurance is procured. The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent may also choose to put in place Contingency Insurance in respect of the event. Venue Management can suggest a suitable insurer if necessary.

3.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent is also responsible for respecting residents & neighbours those of Venue Management’s private properties that are available for hire, by censuring that all activities Relevant to the Event which are to take place (loading, parking, noise levels etc) are conducted in a reasonable manner.

4.The Hirer and/or Hirer’s Agent must collect all equipment, theming, décor at the end of the event. Where this is not possible or where events finish at unsociable hours, alternative arrangements must be made with Venue Management. The Venue Management will not be held responsible for any items left at the Venue past the Access times.

6.Authorisation must be attained prior to bringing any goods or equipment to the property. If you wish to bring anything on to the property in addition to handbags/briefcases a full list of all goods/equipment must be provided a minimum of 14 days prior to your Event for suitability clearance and delivery instructions. Deliveries may be made between 0800 and 2300 daily. If Booked within 14 days it must be supplied at time of booking.

7.Commercial filming or photography is strictly prohibited unless express permission has been granted within this contract. Should this occur without consent for any commercial purpose a filming charge of £5,000.00 will apply. It is accepted that images may be used by Venue Management for marketing purposes.

8.Real Flame, hypnotism, nudity is not permitted in The Venue.

9.Millbank Tower’s fire drill is scheduled each Friday at 10am. The Venue Management will not be held responsible for any disturbance.

10.Music is permitted as per the regulations of Venue’s License: All amplified music must be fitted with a limiter or pass through our in-house limiter system.

28th Floor, Skyloft Decibel limits: 84db on the floor, 90db under the sound array. Live bands are permitted with electronic instruments only. All sound, including instruments must be plugged into our sound system. Additional bass bins or subwoofers are not permitted.
29th Floor, Altitude 360 Decibel Limits: 74db on the floor, 84db under sound array. Live bands, including singers are not permitted.
11.Any additional lighting brought into the venue must not be permitted to bleed out of the windows.

12.The following equipment is not allowed in the venue unless has been approved by Westminster council: Dry ice, cryogenic fog, smoke machines, fog generators, pyrotechnics, firearms, lasers, explosives & flammable substances, real flame, strobes.


1.Venue Management reserves the right of entry for itself and for contractors and agents to enter the premises at all times.

2.A full guest, crew, staff and contractor list must be provided for the event (first name and surname) at least 24 hours prior to access. No person will be admitted to the venue unless identified.

3.The Hirer and /or Hirer’s Agent undertakes that every guest is a guest in the true meaning of the term and will not have purchased any ticket or paid for his or her attendance at the event.

4.Venue Management may for security purposes stop and search any person entering the building and shall be entitled to refuse entry to any person or animal which they consider to be a risk to safety.

5.Due to our licence no person under the age of 18 will be allowed into any event unless event is under 18 specifics.

6.Please note that Venue Management reserves the right of refusing admission and / or removing any person from the Venue at its sole discretion. In addition, any person found possessing, using, or distributing any type of drug will be reported to the police.

7.If any person is found to be in possession of drugs Venue Management has the right to terminate the event immediately.

8.We have the right to remove any individual from an event if we feel that they have had too much to drink.


This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.


Please refer to the Specific Terms for services to be provided by Venue Management. All provisions and assurances made by the Hirer, Hirer’s Agent or Venue Management not included in the Events Contract are void.